We Interrupt Your Usual Broadcasting

I apologize for not posting anything for the past few weeks. At the end of October I had my wisdom teeth removed and my diet consisted of mostly scrambled eggs and other mushy foods.

Around the same time, I started to realize how tight my budget was.  I spent the summer living in Ottawa Ontario, and came back to where i grew up, Windsor, to remain faithful to a lease I signed with a couple friends. It really bummed me out that I had to come back not only because I enjoyed my summer so much, but because the unemployment rate in Windsor is the worst in the country. It has been for the past five years.

I started this blog because I have developed a real love for healthy food and cooking, and I thought it would be a good way to keep my sane (I love my roomies and friends but underemployment sucks) while I finished the year in Windsor. I’ve spent the last couple months scouring the city looking for full time employment. For the time being I have a part time job, giving me enough money to just cover my rent, phone and internet bills.

I contemplated putting the blog on hold. Instead of getting the chance to look up creative recipes with cool ingredients I’ve been simply looking for anything that i could make with the ingredients I have on hand. Which isn’t much really. My heart hasn’t really been in cooking. But with a little nudging from my sister and discovering some other budget friendly food blogs (links at the bottom) I think i’m gonna continue on.

I think it’d be cool to do a blog that includes how much each meal costs to make in total. Since I’ve started getting into cooking I’ve tried to plan recipes around ingredients that need to be used up like a head of lettuce. And when I don’t have anything I try and base a recipe around something I’ve had for a while, like a can of tuna.

So i think this is what I might do. Weekly (or bi-weekly) blog posts breaking down what I’ve spend on groceries and how much each thing was. Then I think -since i make a dish and try to stretch it out for four or five days worth of dinners- I’ll try and do a blog post for each new dish i make. Which will be once or twice a week depending on how things play out.

I think this could be cool. Hopefully other people will too.

Budget Bytes is a pretty neat blog

Jackatapinch is my newest favorite. She is amazing.

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